Thursday, December 10, 2009

Could we just have a virtual tree?

Christmas doesn't officially begin until the tree is decorated. So I'm hiding my head in the sand and in full denial that Christmas is a mere 15 days away...eeks, barely 2 weeks. The house is totally "Christmas lacking." We have no decorations or stockings. No tree, no lights and no presents in sight. And even if we had been naughty this year. the coal is amiss. Mama's too pooped to to even have checked the list. But the weekend is coming and by Sunday evening perhaps, perhaps with a little luck and lots of tea, Christmas will awaken at our house finally. So until then, I'm going to bed, to rest up for the tasks ahead. To dream of "Merry Christmas decor" as I fall to sleep (hope I don't snore).


  1. Love this LO - the big picture in the background is perfect!

  2. It's hard to get everything done this time of year. We have our tree up (and it's a fake one, because real ones have become hard to deal with for us), but that's about it. We didn't do any outside Christmas lights and I feel no guilt about it...LOL! You just do what you can!