Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grinch vs Santa 1:0

It started like any other year. But for some reason all the other activities in projects, soccer tournaments, chess tournaments, saxophone concerts, poetry readings and play auditions just took over and here we were at 10 days left before Christmas with nothing. No decorations in sight. No presents. No Christmas cards. No Christmas baking. We hadn’t even been to visit Santa. You’d have thought we were relatives of the Grinch--non-believers, but alas, the boys rallied together. They dug out the tree and began setting it up. So now we are proud owners of a Naked Tree! Where did those ornaments go and will we find them before Christmas?


  1. HUgs...I know how that goes. I hope the pace slows down some. more hugs

  2. I can relate with the no presents...

    Hope things get found!!

  3. I am running so behind this year too. Don't know who chopped two weeks off the calendar!!