Sunday, May 19, 2013

Who is Who? Doctor?

Wow, it's May 2013 and I've avoided writing in my blog for nearly 3.5 years.  Why? Lots of reasons, not necessarily good ones.  I started my blog when I began applying to be on creative teams for digital scrapbooking designers, but realised that I didn't really use my blog in conjunction with that role. I like posting my latest layouts here but part of me got scared that maybe I shouldn't be making my life so public. I still haven't quite worked through that one yet.  Then there's the "I've been very busy being a single mom to growing boys" but geesh, that's a reality whether I blog or not.  And the last reason and probably the most telling is my insecurity of wanting things to be perfect. The desire for perfectionism is really a curse since it keeps me from doing things because I worry they won't be done well enough or often today, just for today, I'm going to post two layouts I completed.  They are of my boys, now 14 years who are just finishing up their last year as 8th graders in middle school. 

This week was Spirit Week. And although the boys both told me prior to the week's start that they definitely would NOT be participating in dressing up...things changed as the week progressed. 

They DID NOT dress up for Monday's pajama day, although in the past that has been a favorite. As I picked them up from school, I saw lots of kids walking home in pjs...

Tuesday was mustache day, and true to form, they had turned down my offer to use theatre "glue" to add fake hair to their lips for a real looking mustache.  But as Noah was  heading out to school, he was looking for Sharpie Permanent Ink Pens to draw on a mustache. I put a kabash to that idea giving him an eyebrow pencil to use instead...mustache was drawn on at school and removed before coming home from Ultimate Frisbee practice with the only comment referencing it, being that he still believed Sharpie Pen would have been better. 

Wednesday was 80's clothing style...Owen went minamalist; he wore tight fitting jeans and a long sleeve red snug fitting tee. Noah, on the other hand, wore gray slacks, a black tight fitting tee, a black dress shirt tucked in and unbuttoned to his navel with the sleeves rolled up once instead of buttoned, shades and a newsboys' cap. You have to close your eyes and imagine it because he refused to cooperate for a photo by his mother.  Teens!

Thursday they both went all out. I spent Wednesday at the thrift stores hunting down a list of requested clothing.  It was Character Day-favorite tv or movie character.  Owen chose Dr Who (#10) and Noah chose Dr Who (#11); they looked smashing. Owen wore a dark navy double-breasted pinstriped suit, white dress shirt, navy tie, long brown trench coat and black heavy rimmed glasses.  Noah wore a brown/brown pinstriped dress shirt, black bow tie, and brown tweed sports coat over jeans. Here is their interpretation of the two Dr. Who (I managed to snap a few quick and not always in focus photos--but Dr Who moves so fast, perhaps in focus isn't necessary).

And here are my layouts of each of the boys' renditions.

Ok, so now I've waded back into the blog posting waters...we'll see how long it might be before I venture back. I seriously doubt I'll be arriving by Tardis...

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  1. I'm so glad to see you've updated your blog, Deb... you know, I can totally relate to your reasons for not blogging! But I hope you decide to keep it up because a blog is such a great way to keep a visual and written journal of your creative and family journey. Your layouts about Spirit Week are awesome, too! Makes me wish I were a Dr. Who watcher!