Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If I blog, will they come?

How does one get followers to their blog? Friends to their facebook?

Networking has never really been my forte, even though I understand how important it is. I've struggled with finding work because I don't have a great network of connections. It's not that I'm not qualified, or a good person, but in this day and age of electronics, the adage of "It's WHO you know, not WHAT you know that counts" is even more true.

So if I blog, which in my head is a bit of a cross between personal journaling (weren't diaries meant to be secret?) and public proclamation (sharing photos), will I be the only one reading my blog ultimately?

What makes a blog worth someone else's time to read?  Do I have to be promoting product (i.e. digital scrapbook supplies) or a cause ( i.e. charities?) or sharing tips and tutorials on my areas of interest to draw a crowd, or am I enough?

That is the bottom question that I've struggled with all my life.  "Am I enough?" Or do I have to perfect myself in some way to be accepted? Perfectionism? Abandonment Issues? People-Pleasing? Co-dependence?  Those are traits/fears I've honed yet that haven't served me well. So I'm working on that. I want to be liked. I want to be noticed. I want to be valued. I want to be enough just as I am, quirks and all. Is that really too much to ask?

But for now, it's what I'm offering. is.

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  1. Debi, this is a great blog. I know nothing about blogging, so I can't answer your question about attracting readers, but I know if you posted some of your pages with digital hints, you'd have followers! And, by the way, my friend, you are enough as you are. You are a great friend and are always willing to help and assist others. I love the activities you do with your boys and you are the WORLD to them! I vote you keep this up and continue to blog!