Sunday, November 15, 2009

And then there's the family clown

Lately everytime I try to catch a candid photo of my sons, the moment they see the camera pointed their way, they start hamming it up. You'd never guess either of my sons considered themselves to be shy, but outside of their close friends and family, they are often quiet. But put them in their comfort zone and I swear, these kids need to be on the stage. At least they don't complain when I bring out the camera. But geesh it's hard to catch a "normal shot".

Frames by Gunhild Storeide. Photomask by Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals.


  1. yup..I can't get a candid shot of my kids either. They think its show time frustrating

  2. I wonder if girls do that, too? I know my boys sure do!!! Great pics, anyway, though. They're good memories.