Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall -- a prescription to restore serenity

Fall is in the air, well actually rain is around here and most of the leaves are now on the ground because of it. But I love the colors of fall with the range of greens, yellows, golds, oranges,reds and browns. It reminds me that during moments when life seems dismal, it can be colorful too. Even the passing thunder and lightning storms has a certain amount of electrical spark of their own. I'm just happy to be snug in my house when they rumble overhead.

Something about fall helps me focus on nature, not only its inherent beauty but on how fortunate I am to live in such a spectacular area of breathtaking landscapes, mountains, lakes, and oceans just minutes away. And with this picturesque environment comes the obligation to take care of it. My sons are studying the microinvertebrates found in our local streams and lakes as well as the diversity of creatures abound in our fields and forests along with the inevitable food chain (prey or preyed upon) between animals. I captured a few candid shots on our last trapse with Noah's class to our local ecological reserve. I especially enjoyed having the kids find a quiet space to sketch nature. What a beautiful place to walk to for a little meditation on a sunny afternoon. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I feel that the hustle and bustle of life's demands start to impose on my serenity.

Creating community doesn't have to cost alot. My sons and I attended a free Halloween Hoedown at a local church. We had a wonderful meal, played some games, listened to live music and showed off our awesome costumes to everyone's delight. However Owen discovered that the logistics of trying to shoot down paper cups with a cork rifle while wearing a recycle bin costume is a bit tricky. Note to self: Might want to consider range of motion when designing Halloween costumes for next year.


  1. Debi, these are great Fall pages. I love the recycle bin costume. How fun and original! Your blog is looking great. :)

  2. Awesome lo's Debi!! I love Fall too!