Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life as a "Win-Win" challenge

Today the world series ended after 6 games with the New York Yankees becoming this year's champions! My son, Noah, is thrilled, being one of the few Yankee fans in our area. He wore all his Yankee memorabilia, hat & jersey and celebrated with eating pizza and watching the game at a friend's house. He proudly called his grandma to share his excitement for his team winning. Afterwards the boys played the Wii and as we were leaving I overheard my other son, Owen, proudly announce , "You just barely beat me that time which shows I'm getting so much better!" I like that attitude, not one of defeat but instead one of victory of his personal gain.

I like competition, friendly competition, where everyone has fun playing the game. I often participate in digital scrapbooking challenges from various websites to keep me learning new techniques, to scrap things I might not have thought to and to keep the creative juices flowing. I recently participated in a blind digi-morph challenge at Two Peas in a Bucket, where two teams were created. Both were given the same layout as a starting inspiration and then the first in line of each group scraplifted that layout, and passed on their version to the next without revealing the original layout and repeating for each person in the game like a relay race. At the end all the layouts are revealed and you can see what wonderful ideas people took and how the original layout morphed over time and designer. There are no losers, only winners and each person walks away with the idea of being challenged to do something a bit different than before. Wouldn't it be more fun if more of us approached life with the attitude of it being filled with these "win-win" challenges?

Here is my first layout done for Team A. This is a layout of my son, Owen and some 4th grade memories. I included his list of likes and dislikes he wrote for an assignment during the year. He is a good kid. He not only is smart intellectually but he has heart and always keeps the bigger picture in view. I can learn alot from this kid.


  1. I really love this layout, Debi. The warm browns with that touch of cool metal and the pop of color: Awesome!

  2. great job on the layout girl. I love your blog. Great job on that too.

    have you been able to find how to follow other blogs? Blog spot has some nice tools to allow following.