Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anticipation making me wait! Today Two Peas in a Bucket is announcing their new creative team. I applied and now I wait, drumming my fingers on the desktop, refreshing the Digital Scrapbooking message board posts and checking my email. Will I be one of the chosen to showcase Two Peas designers' products? So many of my digi friends have applied. There are so many talented folks out there. I don't know how they will even decide between us. But if I don't make it, nothing has been lost. However I've gained a great deal just in applying. I was motivated to start this blog, thus learning yet another skill. I've been chatting with the other anxious digi-scrappers online and thus have broaden my field of virtual friends. You never can have too many friends even if they are virtual, right? And I've boosted my self-confidence simply by putting myself out there. It really isn't about whether I am selected, it's about feeling good enough to apply. Now don't misinterpret my words, I DO WANT TO BE SELECTED, but the hard part has already been done. Now back to waiting....waiting....waiting!

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