Friday, November 13, 2009

Outdoor School

I love when our schools go beyond the borders of their walls and take the children into the 'real' world to learn, for we are not separate from our environment and learning happens everywhere, every day. Isn't it wonderful when life's lessons can be gathered from the field, literally? Learning how interdependent we are with our environment is a crucial lesson to be taught early so this generation will continue the cause of protecting that which sustains us not only today but in the years ahead for many generations to come. Peace and serenity are so obvious when you are seated on a wooden foot bridge overlooking the stream running under. Even in the city, quiet places are available to commune with nature. I am so in awe of the beauty of the landscape in which I live and so happy my children get experiences on how to appreciate it through fieldtrips with their public school. This is my idea of a perfect example of a "teaching moment".

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