Monday, November 9, 2009

Rubber Chicken Races

Halloween has become a big holiday in the states, second only to Christmas. People decorate their houses, their yards, bake goodies, create costumes and host parties. I won't even mention "trick or treating"--well yes I will. The malls all host several hours of "free candy give-aways" as thousands of youngsters accumulate dressed as Disney characters, fuzzy animals, fantasy characters, even inanimate objects like my boys' costumes this year as yardwaste and recycle bins, along with the traditional scary costumes of witches, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, zombies and the like. Neighborhoods leave their front porch lights on to signal they are giving out candy. Some simply leave a bowl full on the porch with a sign saying, "take one and leave some". <

This year my boys went to a friend's party with other classmates. The mom made fabulous foods including "blood & guts bone shaped biscuits", "goobers on a stick (colored cheesewhiz on pretzels)", "mummy wraps (hotdogs wrapped in dough)", "vampire punch served in sketeton goblets" and "scabs (Dried cranberries)" along with chicken wings and fruit kabobs . The party games were equally creative. Bobbing for apples on a string, using chopsticks to take items out of jello, rubber chicken races and charades! It's fun to witness kids laughing while trying to run with a rubber chicken between their legs. Maybe that's what Halloween is really all about. It's a chance to be something different than your every day self; scary, silly, beautiful, ugly...doesn't matter, just a few hours of letting your imagination rule and letting your hair down (even if it is temporarily shiny royal blue) and laughing. I love Halloween! Now what to do with that 10 lbs of candy the boys dragged in....

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  1. hey there great layout of a terrific party. Donate the candy to the school. Many of the teacher's may have what is called a treausre box in which they need candy refills or prize refills regularly.