Friday, November 6, 2009

Going Green for Halloween

My boys have become very environmentally conscious recently so when designing Halloween costumes, we not only decided to use recycled materials to create them, but we created a recycle bin and a yardwaste bin as their costumes. Owen, following in his grandpa's footsteps who is an avid promoter of doing everything we can to slow down global warming, even wanted to make flyers to hand out to the homes where he trick or treated encouraging people to "drive less-walk more","take shorter showers and use less water", "sort your throw-aways into yardwaste, recycle, reuse, or thrash". He was only momentarily dissuaded when someone pointed out that he had to cut down trees to make the paper for his handouts. He made a quick comeback with suggesting we add at the bottom, "Please recycle this paper". Time got away with us however and ultimately we didn't create the handouts, but I think the costumes spoke plenty loud to deliver our message.

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