Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gobble till ya Wobble

Did you eat too much on Thanksgiving? My mom fixed a big turkey with all the trimmings and the two salads which we always have as part of our Thanksgiving meal but never any other time of the year--orange jello with shredded carrots and pineapple and fruit salad in Cool whip. I love both of them and usually finish off the leftovers by the end of the evening...burp! Excuse me!

I decided to scrap a few miscellaneous photos from this year's holiday to highlight some of the special moments about Thanksgiving. Here is my list of 26 items that I'm thankful for this year.
1. My mom
2. My kids
3. A chance to be with family
4. Great food
5. My favorite fruit salad
6. Orange jello salad with carrots & pineapple
7. My mom welcomes guests for holidays
8. New friends
9. Teasing each other at the dinner table
10. Pumpkin pie afterwards
11. Kids watching movies in extra bedroom
12. Puppy dogs looking cute
13. Scouring Black Friday ads to wee hours of the morning
14. Staying up all night
15. Quiet time on the computer to scrap
16. Kids playing board games after dinner
17. Late night snacks on dinner leftovers
18. Not having to cook dinner myself
19. Eating all the mashed potatoes I want
20. Talking to family long distance on the phone
21. Special time with Mom washing dinner dishes
22. Walking the dog,seeing who has Christmas lights up already
23. Visiting with the neighbors
24. Mom babysitting boys so I can Christmas shop
25. Hanging with Mom all the next day watching old movies
26. Listening to books on tape to and from Mom's with my boys

Now to go see if there is any pumpkin pie left?

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